Anaheim, CA 1/24/2013 – HOHNER introduced all new colors, new grille designs and new crystal patterns at this year’s NAMM Show. Los Lobos and Joel Guzman performed on the HOHNER Stage to the delight of a massive crowd. Like the chrome grille of a classic car, the grille of the Anacleto Accordion is a focal point of distinction and beauty. made with precision, this unique grille provides added reliability while enhancing the instrument’s tone and performance. Key elements unique to this new grille design include: Increased sound projection and diffusion; enhanced precision and trajectory of sound waves; Quality chrome plated grille with intricate ornamental filigee design, unique to the anacleto brand.

New Anacleto Grille Design

The NAMM Show 2013

New Accordions

Rey Del Norte III L Black Space

Rey Del Norte TT L Azure White

Rey Del Norte TT L Red Yellow

Latino III 30-72 Black

Rey Del Norte III L Green Yellow

Rey Del Norte II L Red Glamour

Rey Del Norte III S Red Vintage

Rey Del Norte III L Green Stone

Latino-III 34-48 Blue Black

Latino-III 34-48 Black

Latino III 30-48 Black Green

Voz De Mando

Ricardo Cruz, Otono Lujan, and Eliott Baribeault

Tara Linda, Gilbert, Joel Guzman, Elliott Baribeault, Marito Aguilar

Los Lobos