Hohner Announces A New Line of Premium Accordions

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Hohner, Inc. is proud to announce the new premium line of accordions called the Anacleto Collection. These accordions are synonymous with quality and are made by none other than the renowned master accordion builder, Mr. Anacleto Gabbanelli.

Quality hand-made accordions have been produced in Castelfidardo, Italy since the early 1800s. It is estimated that by the mid 1900s, over 200,000 accordions were produced for world-wide distribution. Today, a lot has changed and only a few factories remain. Hohner is proud to collaborate with one of these remaining factories (IMC) and the start of a new and exciting chapter in the accordion world by offering the new accordion line, The Anacleto Collection.

Anacleto accordions will be available in different keys and colors including the three-switch, five-switch, nine-switch, two-tone, four-row diatonic, and 48 bass piano models as well. All are hand crafted with hand-made reeds, beautiful crystal design, and the legendary fingerboard with smooth action that has become the trademark of Anacleto. For years these quality accordions have been a part of the music scene in many music genres including Norteño, Tex-Mex, and Zydeco.

Customers will have the option in selecting standard models or custom accordions that include upgraded grille, bellow design, crystal design layout, and other features.

Only selected dealers will be carrying the line and world class repair service including parts will be available.


  1. i want one of these. where can i buy one. i want to see a price list. i have been waiting for hohner to come up with this. i have hohner accordions. their awesome quality sound.

  2. wear are the prices on this accordions? i like the Hohner Anacleto Rey Del Norte TT L (TWO-TONE) on gcf, but i dont know how much$$$, i want to order on line, but ther are no prices listed.. help!

  3. Hi, im interested on an anacleto accordion and wanting to know the prices ..thank you so much

  4. I would like to buy one I just don’t know which one I like Ramon Ayala los cadetes I would like to get a accordion that will sound as close to there accordion can some one help thanks

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