Eden Muñoz – Calibre 50

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Eden Muñoz – Calibre 50

The Calibre 50 group is originally from Mazatlan, Sinaloa and was created in 2010; selecting the name in mind making the comparison with an item that symbolizes strength and the impact the project has on the lives of the members, as well as those who like the Regional Mexican genre. From this idea the name “Calibre 50” arises because “the bullet cannot be stopped by borders and with their music, with hits, with such a powerful force only God and the public can stop or increase.”

Calibre 50 has built a musical dream, starting from the stage of small restaurants and events, becoming known for the song ” The Infiernito ” which would open the door to important venues. In 2010 the dream began to materialize with the first album entitled ” Renovar o Morir” which features “Culiacan vs Mazatlan” (A duet with Gerardo Ortiz ) and “Callejero y Mujeriego” both of which began to open doors to the Mexican public.

“El Tierno Se Fue” launched in 2011 and “De Sinaloa para el Mundo” was their first major success. Despite censorship it became a favorite of the public, who awarded them the top of the charts of radio in Mexico, opening the way for “Te Estoy Engañando con Otra”, a subject that fascinated the public to speak openly about situations of everyday life.

By 2012 the group stood apart as a crowd favorite, and the production of “El Buen Ejemplo” helped them become one of the most outstanding groups of the Regional Mexican genre. This album had several singles like “Mujer de Todos, Mujer de Nadie”, “Bohemio Loco”, “Aguaje Activado”, “El Buen Ejemplo” and “Gente Batallosa” the latter recorded as a duet with Band Carnival. This song became the most Listened to Song of the Year, and has been reaping a number of awards among which stand out the Billboard Award for “Song of the Year – Vocal Collaboration.”

The album “The Bounty” arrived in early 2013, with the first single “Aquí estoy” a romantic song, which continued the run of success standing at No. 1 on radio shows in Mexico and in the US . The second cut in promotion was “Ni Que Estuvieras Tan Buena” which conquered the top of the charts of radio and television in Mexico and the U.S., and was named “The Song Most Radio Played in Mexico in 2013.”

Later that year the group decided to return to their origins, bringing to market an album of corridos entitled “Corridos de Alto Calibre”. “El Inmigrante” the first single has broken Historical records just one week after its release it owned the #1 spot on the charts in Mexico, and stayed there for more than 10 weeks.

2014 has been a watershed for the group that has always had the motto “Renovar o Morir”, each area having it present in both the group and personally, renewing compositions, image, music and members. In seeking to refresh the image and make way for new Calibre 50 projects already built by Eden Muñoz, first voice and accordion and Armando Ramos, second voice and guitar twelfth , joining the ranks of Calibre Alejandro Gaxiola in Tuba and Erick Garcia on the drums.

The Calibre 50 group has been successful , including those found in the music world Awards , Records of hearing , invitations to events where only the best exhibitors Regional Mexican genre may be present , demonstrating their quality of musicians and composers. Calibre 50 has become synonymous with success , because thanks to the effort, discipline, daily work and passion for music these 4 young men have earned their reward, and work daily to be better for your audience and show that the place where they are earned based on sacrifice and effort. They manage to summon the audience with the power of his music, with his charisma captivate and simplicity , making each of his presentation will be unforgettable for attendees, that fill a whole.

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